Lin Gang


Lin Gang

Lin Gang was born in Hangzhou in 1967, he graduated from the Sculpture Department of China Academy of Art in 1990. He is currently the dean of Hangzhou Sculpture Institute and the deputy secretary general of the Chinese Sculpture Association. Lin Gang has multiple experiences invited to participate in major sculpture exhibitions since domestic and foreign.

Lin Gang's works are both across sound art and visual art. The sound instrument is his iconic artistic symbol. In his creation, he boldly adopted ancient stone carvings, ancient grinding discs and other practical tools from life. He combined them with metal materials such as copper, iron, and stainless steel, and even used crafts such as lacquer and colored glaze. Presenting the diverse possibilities and different layers of vision presented by comprehensive materials. His sculpture works have been collected by national art institutions such as the National Art Museum of China, Grand National Theatre, Nanjing Museum, Zhejiang Provincial Art Museum, Tsinghua University and Beijing International Sculpture Park etc.