Unparalleled Collection Vol.1 Zhou Li

Unparalleled Collection Vol.1 Zhou Li

Feb 19 - Apr 02, 2022

深圳 Shenzhen

W.ONESPACE is delighted to announce a new unparalleled collection series “n.one in a million". The essence selected from many things can be defined as “one in a million”. However, in addition to the masterpieces, there are still countless wonderful things that we might encounter, not only representing personal preferences, but also have been integrated into daily life in various forms. Vice versa, the personal collection somehow represents that person in some ways. Collecting is a complex cultural phenomenon, in a sense it reflects economic behavior, artistic preference, cultural behavior and even the inheritance of social psychology. It further explores consumerism culture, art sponsorship and social lives. As a result, collecting as a behavior has also become a popular topic in many realms from history to economics. In the contemporary context, art and collection are always linked with lifestyles and often integrated into all aspects of collector’s with a welcoming attitude. These collections interweave and react with each other. They form a complete network of clues together, in order to reveal the owner’s aesthetic taste and attitude towards art and life in a full perspective way.

As a field that bridges the past and present of the complex art forms, W.ONESPACE provides a unique platform and invites art practitioners, jointly show the audiences an image containing unique personalities, aesthetic interests of multi-perspective. The host of the project needs not be bounded by a “mono-identity”, but could freely express himself/herself during the entire project. Eliminating the curator, by this unique way, different hosts can handle every parts of the show and present a visual construction of “self- consciousness”.

Presented works and collections in the project have no priority, no distinction is made. All we attempt to achieve is trying to let audiences truly understand how the host's collections affect their works and how they relate to artist’s life. Through re-presenting and re-constructing the real living scene, we want to put aside the redundant interpretation of any art form, just offering an angle that could be perceived to see the story behind the works. A part of wall, a door frame, even a carpet could also be regarded as frame of the work. There is no boundary or limit. These collected behaviors present an unconscious choice, which is also a personal record of life, a witness to social and cultural changes and a view towards to the world, moreover, a kind of projection of the spiritual world. W.ONESPACE is honored to invite artist Zhou Li as the first host of the unparalleled collection project. In a previous interview, Zhou Li was asked about what kind of artist she wanted others to think of her, she said with a smile, “I’m just trying to be an artist who is brave to be myself and achieve the state I want.” Undoubtedly, when we look back to her personal experience, we could find that the artist has a very strong wish for this goal and is constantly paying effort. Zhou Li often uses the "window" as a metaphor for the way of viewing the world, looking inside of the “window” is herself and outside is the physical real world. In this project, she will bring wonderful works from different angles, as well as her personal collections that have not been unveiled to the public for the first time. Taking the real daily life as the context, she naturally rebuilds her "world outside the window", such as the amazing collection wall inside of the artist's studio – a display of works in different scales by her students or artists that she admires, furniture collections - from European antiques, Ming style furniture to modern designer chairs, as well as ornamental stones, Buddha statues and utensils. By juxtaposing these collections and works, we build a creative domain which is infinitely close to the artist’s real life and personal view. We invite the audience to view Zhou Li not only as an artist, but also as a “art fetish”, a teacher, a mother, a woman, and an ordinary person. Standing outside the window and looking back to “the world inside”, we are able to see how Zhou Li controls the rhythm of both her life and art practition. In hence, audiences could also explore the "warmth, hope, love and turbulence” that conveyed in her works. "The reason why art exists is to restore people's sense of life, to make people feel things again, and to make stones show the texture just the way they are.” Art may not express anything other than itself, it has independent life. When an artist is creating a work, he or she is also experiencing an independent thinking process, that is a unique experience of his/her life as an individual. Everything in life can contribute to the raw materials of art, it is every moment of your day, and when you open up your mind, they will be the contents that expand your life. There is “no one” in a million, because there are countless "ones" in it, and a million ultimately constitutes ”one".



  • The Peach Garden- Rose in May NO.7 | Mixed media on canvas | 200x200cm | 2021